Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is t‍‍‍he founder of Happier, an app and a digital wellness company that has been called the Facebook of the happiness movement.



Nataly Kogan is the founder of Happier, an app and a digital wellness company that has been called "the Facebook of the happiness movement." An entrepreneur, former digital media executive, and analyst with McKinsey & Co and Microsoft, Kogan decided to dedicate herself to helping others live fuller lives now, after her own 20-year pursuit of happiness led her to some startling realizations. On the surface, Kogan's life seemed to be exemplary of the American Dream.

‍‍‍After her family immigrated from Soviet Russia when she was a teenager, she'd worked hard, overcome several obstacles, risen to leadership positions in successful companies, started her own prosperous ventures, and had a beautiful family. Yet despite her impressive resume of achievements, Kogan wasn't happy. She began to immerse herself in various fields of science, all of which indicated that happiness comes from a daily practice of gratitude, identifying meaningful positive moments in the here and now, and sharing those experiences with others.

Since 2012, her company, Happier, has helped others do just that. Kogan's combined understanding of corporate cultures, leadership, performance improvement, and cultivating happiness has made her an asset for organizations looking to raise their productivity and employee engagement. She has received standing ovations from audiences at Million Dollar Roundtable, Fortune's Tech Brainstorm, BlogHer, SXSW, the 92nd St. Y, Harvard Women's Leadership Conference, Gillette, and TEDx Boston.


Improving Happiness, and the Bottom Line‍‍‍

Our always-on work environments are making us less productive, less creative, and generally unhappy regardless of our chosen careers. A recent Gallop study shows that when an e‍‍‍mployee reports increased feelings of well-being, it is 20% more likely that the employee's coworkers will report being happier too. In other words, well-being spreads, much like stress spreads—with more than 50% of employees reporting being "close to burnout" when asked about their stress levels. In this talk, Nataly shares insights and strategies for a happier workforce. Why? Because happier employees are more creative, more productive, less likely to take time off from work for health reasons, better communicators, and deliver better customer service—resulting in an improved bottom-line for all.

The Pursuit of Happier...

Why is the pursuit of happiness so stressful and unfulfilling? Why do we believe that huge achievements trump small everyday moments that connect us with ourselves and those we love most? After years spent chasing "The Big Happy" of career, money and achievements, Nataly explores how the science and research behind happiness can be used to improve all aspects of our lives, showing audiences why we should stop saying "I'll be happy when..." and start saying "I'm happy now because..."


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‍‍‍Nataly was the highlight of an all-day offsite meeting for our group. Her background and experience on‍‍‍ what really drives a happier existence at work and at home were extremely well received.

‍‍‍‍‍‍- Gill‍‍‍ette‍‍‍

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