Adam Derry

Creative director for Ekocycle, a high-fashion initiative between and Coca-Cola seeking to create aspirational luxury products using post-consumer recycled materials.  



For over a decade, experienced brand visionary and marketing expert, Adam Derry, has been founder and CEO of ADBD, the renowned L.A.-based creative brand development agency specializing in the apparel industry and such niche areas as wearable technology.   Recognized by Complex Magazine as  “a pioneer in the fashion world, pushing culture forward every day,” Derry has successfully developed a number of high-profile brands, celebrity personalities and properties, and is regularly sought out by Fortune 500 companies to connect brands, experiences and consumers through a balance of brand strategy, creative design and meaningful narrative.

Derry serves as partner and chief creative officer of Bandolier, the original, luxury crossbody iPhone accessory.  Since joining the venture in September of 2016, Derry has been responsible for all creative brand messaging, strategic partnerships, and sales and marketing for Bandolier, restructuring the company, securing global distribution, and working to expand its consumer appeal. Derry has also leveraged his expertise as creative director for Ekocycle, a high-fashion initiative between and Coca-Cola seeking to create aspirational luxury products using post-consumer recycled materials.  Through Ekocycle he has helped design collections for such global brands as Adidas, MCM and the NBA.  Derry spent two years as VP of sales & marketing for Junk Food Clothing, becoming integral to its growth from $30 million in revenues in 2008 to over $60 million in 2010.  Previously he was director of sales for the super-premium lifestyle brand Trunk, Ltd through its 2006 sale to Live Nation.

An active member of P.S. Arts, a nonprofit organization creating art programs in the Los Angeles public schools, Adam Derry has also facilitated social change through his work with OmniPeace, Feeding America and Tide's Loads of Hope.  Adam Derry is married to marketing expert and designer Connie Derry and father to their son, Ryder Derry (8)


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CREATE x SUSTAIN: Igniting the Future of Sustainable Design

Creative Director of Ekocycle, Adam Derry (alongside spent two years designing over 500 items for 40 different luxury brands that were created using 25% or greater post-consumer polyester plastics. In collaboration with Coca-Cola, the goal of this project was to offset the waste produced by Coca-Cola’s plastic bottles but also to challenge the status quo.  Their intent was clear:

-Can we make recycling cool?

-Can we challenge luxury companies to create using recycled materials?

-And most importantly, can we inspire manufactueres to make this their model from the onset?

In this talk, Adam will present inspiring ideas for the future of luxury design and the necessity of sustainable fashion. He will challenge traditional design models to reveal the truth: We must create to sustain, from ideation to creation.



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