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Regina Leeds

Regina Leeds was one of the first professional organizers to address the psychological and emotional impediments many people face in their desire to get organized. Her system, Zen Organizing, has brought order and peace to home and work environments across the United States for more than 25 years.

Jay Shetty

Former monk. Award-winning host at The Huffington‍‍‍ Post. Making wisdom go viral.


Life/Work Balance‍‍‍

Nataly Kogan

‍‍‍A successful e‍‍‍ntrepreneur and venture capitalist, Nataly found that after reaching the highest levels of corporate America, she still wasn’t happy..


Health is wealth!‍‍‍ The‍‍‍se mindset and wellness speakers will transform you and your company from the inside out.

The Zen Org‍‍‍anizer‍‍‍‍‍‍


Founder of HAP‍‍‍PIER

Former Monk Turned Motiv‍‍‍ationalist

Chris Johnson

‍‍‍A highly respected expert and accomplished executive, Chris Johnson has spent over 30 years r‍‍‍esearching and building optimal health and performance programs for individuals and corporations.

Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon's keynote performances empower audiences to rediscover their inner greatness and conquer their self-imposed limitations.

Founder of On-Target Livin‍‍‍g

Author of‍‍‍ Off-Balance On Purpose

Ariel Joe Towne

A Feng Shui expert and life coach with an international client list, Ariel loves to take ancient principles and make them simple, relatable and playful.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson's k‍‍‍eynote talks inspire companies to adapt to millennials by building resilience, enhancing focus and expanding capacity.

The Feng Shui Guy‍‍‍

Author of CAPACITY; On-T‍‍‍arget Living


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